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General Terms and Conditions lessons-workshops March 2022


1.1 rasalila: rasalila is based in Amsterdam at the Tweede Kostverlorenkade 67 and is registered at the KVK under number 34320915.

1.2 Terms and Conditions: These general terms and conditions are published on the website of rasalila, www.rasa-lila.nl. These terms and conditions are always available in the rasalila studio.

1.3 Participant: One who attends a workshop or wishes to attend a workshop at rasalila.

1.4 Student: One who attends a (private) class or wishes to attend a (private) class at rasalila.


2.1 These General Terms and Conditions apply to all Workshops, Courses, Memberships, Class Passes, and Single Lessons at rasalila, unless stated otherwise. By attending a lesson, the student agrees to the applicability of these General Terms and Conditions.

2.2 rasalila may amend these terms and conditions from time to time. The latest version of the terms is always the current version and is always available on the website. rasalila will announce any changes to the terms and conditions by email.

Membership, class passes and (private) classes

3.1 Students can take lessons based on a Membership, Class Passes, and Drop-in classes.

3.2 A Membership, Class Pass, or Single Lesson is established at the time that rasalila has received the student’s payable membership fee.

3.3 Prior to each lesson, the student must report to the rasalila desk, whether this is a Single Lesson, a Private Lesson, or a lesson with Membership. After the rasalila employee has checked the registration and payment for the lesson in question, the student can take a lesson.

3.4 Class Passes have a validation period. Before purchasing a class pass, a student must take into account any holidays and other obligations that may prevent them from attending classes at rasalila. If you cannot finish the class pass in time, we offer the possibility of extending the pass for (1) month for € 25.

3.5 The start date of the class passes is the first class that is attended (but within 3 months of purchase).

3.6 The commencement date of Memberships through direct debit is the day of purchase, unless stated otherwise.

3.7 Memberships are collected for at least 3 full calendar months.

3.8 No memberships or class passes can be transferred to someone else.

Prices, Payment and Price Change 

4.1 A Membership, Single or Private Lesson, or class pass must be paid in advance before the lesson is attended. Payment can be made via SEPA automatic debit, iDeal, Credit Card, or via PIN. Cash payments are not possible.

4.2 The current prices for individual classes, the rasalila class pass, and all kinds of memberships are always on the site and are available at the desk of rasalila. rasalila reserves the right to periodically change prices. Any changes are announced in advance on the price list at the counter at rasa lila, listing on the website, and/or by email.

Reservations for lessons

5.1 You can reserve a class in advance by using the schedule on the website. You can cancel a reserved class for free online up to 12 hours before the start of the class. If you do not show up for a reserved class (No Show), you will be charged for the class.

Below you can find more information about reserving classes online:

All classes are available for online reservations in advance. You can only book online or in person at the rasalila studio. Phone reservations are not accepted. Your reservation is valid until five minutes before the class. If you are not present by then, we will assume that you will not be coming and will give your spot to someone else. If you think you will be arriving late, please call the studio so that we can hold your reservation for you. Due to the high demand for certain classes, we have noticed that students sometimes book classes without knowing if they will actually attend. They often cancel last minute (Late Cancel within 12 hours prior to the class) or do not show up at all (No Show). As a result, it may seem that a class is full, but in reality there may be spaces available. Please keep this in mind and cancel in a timely manner so that others can sign up instead. We ask that you only book if you plan to attend the class or cancel in time (at least 12 hours before the class) if you are unable to come. If you sign up for a class but do not show up without cancelling (No Show), you will be charged for the class. If you are on the waitlist and a spot becomes available, you will receive an email or push notification confirming your reservation. If online registration is not possible, you can still come to the studio. There is always a chance that a spot may be available!

House Rules 

6.1 All students should always follow the house rules of rasalila:

  • Please make sure you are clean and fresh when you attend the yoga class. The use of (odorless) deodorant is highly appreciated.
  • (most) Classes are barefoot. Make sure that your feet are washed. 
  • In order to avoid any potential allergies for other students, we ask that you avoid using strong perfumes or other scents and do not use spray deodorant in the changing rooms. 
  • Wear clean clothes during classes that allow you to move freely. No shoes are allowed in the studio. You can leave your shoes at the entrance. 
  • rasalila has mats available for use during the class. The mat should always be cleaned after use by the student. 
  • In order to give everyone an optimal class, students are asked to speak quietly in the hallway and changing rooms before, during, and after class.

The safety, boundaries, and personal space of our students is very important. Rasalila does not tolerate sexual or sexually explicit behavior. Other undesirable behaviors such as theft, vandalism, or anti-social behavior will also not be tolerated. 

6.2 rasalila reserves the right to deny any student access to the studio if they do not respect the house rules. In such cases, the student’s membership or class pass may be terminated without a refund of the already paid fees.


7.1 The current schedule is always available on the website. Rasalila reserves the right to change the schedule at any time. Any changes to the schedule will be announced on the website, through emails, or in the studio.

7.2 rasalila may cancel a scheduled class or change the teacher due to unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, the student is not entitled to a refund.

7.3 rasalila is generally open, but reserves the right to close during major holidays.

Termination and Suspension Membership / Membership

8.1 Students may terminate their membership after the minimum term of three, six, or twelve months, with a one-month cancellation period. There will be no refund of membership fees in any case. This also applies to changes in membership due to illness or vacation, etc.

8.2 Termination and suspension does not apply to class passes.

8.3 A membership can only be paused for a full month – up to a maximum of 2 months per year.

8.4 . To pause a membership, an email must be sent to info@rasa-lila.nl. Keep a minimum notification time of 2 weeks prior to the next payment in mind.

8.5. A membership can also be paused in the first 3 months of the membership. However, your minimum number of months remains in force (a month break is not counted as a month membership).

8.6. It is NOT possible to switch to a different subscription period within your minimum number of months. After the expiration of your minimum number of months you can switch and the minimum of the new membership starts.


9.1 rasalila accepts no liability whatsoever for physical injury, loss or damage relating to a student’s attending of classes and workshops.

9.2 rasalila accepts no liability for any physical injury, loss, or damage that may occur as a result of a student attending classes and workshops. rasalila only works with professional instructors and takes steps to ensure high-quality lessons, but there is always a risk of injury during a class. By participating in a class at rasalila, the student accepts this risk of injury. rasalila offers the following guidelines to reduce the risk of injury:

  • Consult with a physician before beginning classes if you are unsure about your health or if you are pregnant.
  • If you have an injury or any physical discomfort, please notify the teacher before the start of the class.
  • Follow the instructions of the teacher.
  • Exercise caution and listen to your own body and limitations when executing exercises.
  • Do not engage in exercises if they are painful.
  • Ask questions if you do not understand an exercise.

Personal data

10.1 Rasalila collects personal information from students to keep track of memberships, process payment orders, and manage memberships and class passes. Rasalila takes care to protect personal information and always complies with the Data Protection Act.

10.2 rasalila may also use personal data to inform students about rasalila activities and any changes to the schedule. If a student does not wish to receive communication from rasalila, they may request to opt-out in writing by email to info@rasa-lila.nl. In such cases, the student may not use any of rasalila’s services or products.

10.3 Rasalila will not share personal data with third parties without prior written consent.


Additional Terms and Conditions for Workshops and Courses 

11.1 Workshops and courses may have additional conditions related to the participant’s experience, age, or gender. These additional terms can be found on the information page for the specific workshop or course at www.rasa-lila.nl.

Participation in a Workshop or Course and Registration Fee 

12.1 A participant can join a workshop or course once they have registered and paid the corresponding fee. Registration takes place through the website www.rasa-lila.nl. A place in the workshop or course is guaranteed once rasalila has received the payment of the registration fee.

12.2 Some workshops and courses offer a discounted “Early Bird” rate. This rate is valid until the date specified on the website. After this date, the normal rate applies without exception, as indicated on the website.


13.1 Payment for participation in a workshop or course must be made in advance. Payment can be made via iDeal, credit card, or PIN.

Cancellation of Participation in a Workshop 

14.1 A participant can cancel their registration for a workshop free of charge up to 72 hours before the scheduled date. This can be done by emailing info@rasa-lila.nl. In such cases, the registration fee will be refunded minus a €10 administration fee.

14.2 If a participant cancels their registration within 72 hours, no fees will be refunded.

Workshop Schedule 

15.1 Rasalila reserves the right to cancel a scheduled workshop due to unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, the already paid fee will be refunded.

Governing Law and Dispute Resolution 

These terms and conditions are governed exclusively by Dutch law.

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