About us

rasalila; what does that mean?

‘rasalila’ (Sanskrit) is the title of a traditional Indian love story in which Krishna’s dances the night away with the cowherd girls (Gopis) of Vrindavana. On a magical autumn evening, Krishna seduces the Gopis, playing his flute, to leave their homes to come to dance with him. He duplicates himself and dances with every girl while in a circle. They all believe in having Kirshna for themselves. Ultimately, Krishna teaches the girls to release themselves from their ego and their longing for material matters.

Who we are

We’re Floortje and Willemijn Laan, the two entrepreneurial sisters behind rasalila! We founded our studio in 2009 to create a place where people can come together, relax, feel empowered, and grow. And grow it has! Today, rasalila is a one-of-a-kind studio where we’re always pushing the boundaries of conscious movement, living, and connection. From AcroYoga to PoleFlow, Aerial Arts to Feminine Arts, we always bring our students new and exciting classes. And we’re also the proud home of the Amsterdam School of Burlesque! We’re always looking for the latest trends and innovations in movement and conscious living and constantly updating our class offerings. So if you’re looking for an empowering, feels-like-home studio where you can express your unique self, you know where to find us! Our team of passionate professionals and our sisterly bond make rasalila a truly special place, and we can’t wait for you to experience it yourself. See you soon at rasalila!


Willemijn Laan

 For years I was looking with admiration (and sometimes with some envy) at the passion and love that Floortje has for everything that has to do with dance and movement.
However, I am less comfortable in the (literal) ‘spotlight’, and the concrete making and implementing of plans and dreams makes me happy.
Several times we have ‘daydreamed “of starting our own business together.
All these daydreams had one thing in common; we wanted to combine all things we enjoy and have a passion for and let others be a part of this. rasalila is like a dream come true!


Floortje Laan

I am grateful for the collaboration with my sister Willemijn. She makes it possible to give sense to my existence. A life where I seek happiness, faith and connection.

“Realize That by working in partnership, we manifest more than we could alone. “
– acroyoga.org


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